Low Cost Paralegal Services -
Forms of Payments
Our service not only prepares the documents for you, we also file with the Court.  There are absolutely no hidden fees, thus we post all fees that you will incur using our service on the front page of our website, and also in the office for public viewing.
We accept credit card and/or debit cards, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Check and Cash.  Any bad checks written to our office, that are not taken care within the timeframe allotted by statute, will be forwarded to the District Attorney's office for prosecution.


This office is a document preparation company as outlined in NRS 240A.  Inasmuch, the information provided through our service cannot be used for legal advice.  State of Nevada prohibits individuals from offering legal services directly to the public and such practice would be considered “the unauthorized practice of law”.  We are not allowed to accept money for providing legal advice.  We reserve the right to deny services to anyone without cause.  You may search for a qualified Attorney at the State Bar of Nevada.


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