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Low Cost Paralegal Services - Low Cost Document Preparation -

First impressions do matter, and starts with the location of your business.  The majority of office space in the locations that make your first impression are out of your league, for businesses as well as entrepreneurs.   These businesses and individuals are turning to virtual offices rather than leasing an expensive office space.  Here, we are a family and all clients are treated as such.  We offer affordable prices that meet the needs of our clients, who want to succeed.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on us to incorporate, resident agent services, mailboxes, and so much more.  

Our office is located in heart of the legal district, downtown, Las Vegas, Nevada.  "Location, location, location".  We are minutes from the Courthouses, within walking distance.

Mail Identity
Silver Pack
Gold Pack
Premier Pack
Prestigious Address
Online Management for your Mail including option for us to open, scan, and upload your mail to email or fax
Designated Mail Box Slot
Package Receipt and Handling
Mail Forwarding (Postage Applies)

Package Drop off and Pick Up / Package Forwarding (Postage Applies)

Telephone Calls Answered in your Company Name

Unlimited Call Forwarding

Call to Text/Call to Email

 24 Hour a Day Voicemail
 702 or Toll Free Phone Number
 Access to Copier, Scanner and Fax
 Notary Services (Included)
 1  Document
   1 Document
 5 Documents
  10 Documents
 Conference Room (Hours Per Month - By Appointment)
    20 Hours
       40 Hours

***10% Discount is one (1) year of Service is Paid in Full***
Notary in Excess of Monthly Service is $5.00
Conference Room in Excess of Monthly Service is $20 Per Hour - By Appt.

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